Welcome to Changzhou Huateng Access Floor Co., Ltd. Huateng has specialized in Raised Access Floor since 1993. With continuous innovation and development, we are now covering 80,000 square meters with more than 200 employees. Huateng has been certificated in both ISO9001 and ISO4001 systems. For steel raised floor production, we developed an digital automatic production line, from steel cutting to welding. Huateng raised access floors are widely used in offices, computer rooms, data centers, clean rooms and other public places. Since the birth of the company, we’ve begun to develop our oversea markets. We continue to export various types of our products around the world such as steel cementatious raised floor, woodcore raised floor, calcium sulphate raised floor, encapsulated panels, air flow panels and understructures. ”Whatever You Load, HT Panels Can Hold”. Following this philosophy, Huateng has earned the trust of customers from Asia, North America, Middle East, USA and Europe. Huateng diligently strives for cooperation with both domestic and international friends.
HT PVC Floors adopt Water-based environmental protection special glue that connects floors and cement as a whole. So it prevents various bacteria from breeding and protect people’s health.
HT PVC floor is made of vinyon suffering from high-temperature pressing,it has no evaporationof harmful gas,also no harm to people.
Antistatic floors can be divided into several kinds
conducting electrostatic floor
2.The tools of laying HT access floor
The requirements toward field
access floor should be anti-glare, anti-slip, anti-corrosion, non-dusty, non-vacuum and easy to clean.
HT anti-static access floor can be of good help. Excellent anti-static performance may solve the potential safety hazard, which not only protect ourselves, but also keep the safety of children and old people.
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