500 OA Access Floor
    500 OA Access Floor

    500 OA Access Floor

    HT 500 OA Raised Access Floor is made of good quality cold-rolled steel sheet, which is stretched, spot-welded, and coated with epoxy powder after having been phosphoreted. There is foaming cement fully filled, with corner-lock holes punched in four sides of the panel.
    Product Detail


    5A class office building, computer room, Intelligent office environment, meeting room, commercial and industrial bureau, government, places that have requirements of dust-proof and water-proof, fields with aerial requirements. 500mm OA Steel Panels are mainly welcomed by Japanese, Korean and domestic market.


    ●Designed specially for office building

    ●Excellent rolling load & ultimate load performance

    ●Light weight cementitious fill makes panels solid and quiet

    ●Completely noncombustible

    ●Black electrodeposition cathodic epoxy paint finish for life time protection

    ●Class A flame spread and smoke development rating

    ●All-steel pedestals provide excellent impact load performance

    Technical Parameter

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