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Aluminum Raised Access Floor

    • Aluminum Grating Panel
    • Aluminum Grating Panel
  • Model:DCA500-DCA700
  • Product introduction:
  • HT Aluminum Grating Panel is of good concentrated load and can be painted with conductive material. It is rust proof and can bear abrasion. It provides free air flowing with 50% opening of grating panel. The effect in clean room is satisfying. The dimension of the bare panel is 600*600mm.Thinking of spatial structure and air balance, grating panel can be exchanged with blind panel and perforated panel.
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●High precision

●Class A construction material(incombustible)

●Little deflection and high load capacity

●Easily cut

●Economical, durable, recoverable

●Excellent capacity of static dissipative

●Can be used with perforated panel


Covering Finishes

●Epoxy coating

●Ni-Cr plating


Technical paramter

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