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    Steel Perforated Panel --60%
    Steel Perforated Panel

    Steel Perforated Panel --60%

    HT Steel Perforated Access Panel is specially designed for ventilation through below floor space up to the equipments, applied for under floor air conditioning system. Steel perforated panels is also called Air Flow panel because of many holes drilled through them. Perforated panels are of accurate size and thickness, interchangeable with steel access floor panels, woodcore panels or calcium sulphate panels. Specially designed and well manufactured damper is also available for perforated panels.
    Product Detail


    ●Provide sperior cooling for managing heat loads in mission critical facilities

    ●Available with top surface adjustable dampers

    ●Same size and finish as the solid panel

    ●Available with laminates, Vinyl and rubber floor coverings

    ●Interchangeable with woodcore panel/calcium sulphate panel

    Aluminum Grille Panel with Damper, Ventilation Rate 60%


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