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    Conductive PVC Tile
    Conductive PVC Tile

    Conductive PVC Tile

    Conductive particles forms a special material with a perfect permanent conductivity. The conductivity makes the tile free of dust and easy to clean or maintain. Fire-proof rating FV-0 grade. Durable, waterproof, anti-chemical corrosion. It bears heavy load. Excellent tones and textures. Marbling appearance. Better flexibility. It is comfortable to walk through and hardly damage due to collision.
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    Electronics workshop/Manufacturing plant, Big computer room/ computer server room, Clean room, Packaging workshop, Telecommunication room, Hospital equipment room.

    HT-7201 HT-7202 HT-7203

    HT-7204 HT-7205 HT-7206

    HT-7207 HT-7208 HT-7209

    HT-7210 HT-7211 HT-7212

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