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Conductive ESD PVC(Vinyl)
Conductive ESD PVC(Vinyl)

Conductive ESD PVC(Vinyl)

HT conductive PVC forms a special material with a perfect permanent conductivity. The conductivity
makes the tile free of dust and easy to clean or maintain. Fire-proof rating FV-0 grade. Durable, waterproof ,
anti-chemical corrosion. It bears heavy load. Excellent tones and textures.Marbling appearance.Better
flexibility. It is comfortable to walk through and hardly damage due to collision.
Product Detail


●Excellent electrical resistance

●Excellent fire resistance

●Excellent chemical resistance

●Excellent resistance to wear and tear

●Excellent resistance to scratching

●Excellent resistance to impact

●Excellent resistance to damp and static load resistance

●Easy to clean and maintenance

●Good dimensional stability


High pressure melamine laminate is widely used in electronics workshop, manufacturing plant, big

computer room, computer server room, clean room, packaging workshop, telecommunication room,

hospital equipment room.

HT-7201 HT-7202 HT-7203

HT-7204 HT-7205 HT-7206

HT-7207 HT-7208 HT-7209

HT-7210 HT-7211 HT-7212

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