The Announcement of Limited Production
  2018/11/08| View:1381

In order to make the differences between production of north and south region, the government has successively released the relevant document in Beijing,  Tianjing, Jiangsu and other areas. Simultaneously with the opening of The First-ever China International Import Expo, atmospheric environmental protection will be implemented from November onwards, national environmental inspection team will manage and control the atmosphere of whole city. Therefore many steel factories will be restricted and the production will be limited to 60%. Comparing with last year, the production limitation plan of this year is relatively loose. However, the supply of domestic steel significantly decrease, thus it can be predicted that the price will be increased.

Due to the limited production of steel, some orders will be postponed in our company, we sincerely apologize to the customers who have been affected .

For further information regarding China International Import Expo, please pay attention to website:


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