The Knowledge About Antistatic Floorings
  2015/06/29| View:1339
With the promotion of customers’ life level, the quality and the service of the antistatic floorings have become more and more important. But how to distinguish the quality of them, here are some tips:
From the term of material, the covering must be eternal electroconductibility and wearable. There are two different kinds of coverings in the market now: PVC and HPL. The only difference between them is the lasting time.
The effective time of static lies to the quality of the coverings and the thickness. The better quality, the better antistatic property and longer lasting time. From terms of thickness, the thicker, the better antistatic property and longer lasting time.
Moreover, as the electric conducting material is carbon which has stable performance and the conductive network goes from top coverings to bottom coverings, which decides the permanent of electric conduction. The electric conducting material is made of half-hard PVC, so it is wearable and inoxidable, and it has the ability of flame retardancy. About the ability of antistatic: the system is about 10KΩ and the resistance is -1MΩ, system resistance is 1MΩ-1KMΩ and the inception voltage is less than 100V.


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