The Definition And Standard of Anti-static Shoes
  2013/12/31| View:1270

  Anti-static shoes are leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubbers and slippers that use little-changed conductive material as soles. Soles are critical materials in making anti-static shoes. It is required that soles must have the features that make human form a loop through the soles to the earth, so that static electricity could leak to the earth. At the same time, soles should be the pathway of electrostatic leakage, or at least the resistance of the material in midsole should be less than other parts. The resistance of anti-static shoes should meet two different requirements: One is connecting human body to the earth and preventing bodies and shoes themselves electriferous; the other is to protetc the operator from hurting for accidents. So the resistance of static shoes ranges from 1.0105 to 1.0108. The national standard GB4385-95 <<Safety Technical Requirements of Anti-static Shoes And Conductive Shoes>> says that the resistance of soles ranges from 0.5105 to 1.0109.

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