Advantages of Cable management flooring in the office
  2022/09/14| View:1478

Cable management flooring has become more widely used in recent years. Big data estimates that about 40% of smart office floors need to be adjusted or replaced every year, therefore, it is found that contemporary office buildings offer both comfort and flexibility to be adjusted. Cable management flooring can meet this set of requirements. The advantages of Cable management flooring are:

Cable management flooring

1. Flexibility, compared with traditional straight flooring Cable management flooring installation flexibility, the construction period is also short, easier to operate, easy maintenance can be used repeatedly, with magnetic carpet after the completion of laying, high overall aesthetic.

2. Conveniently integrated wiring, in the continuous development of communication networks today, offices generally have a large number of electronic equipment, equipment will follow the flow of people and change, cable management flooring is an easy solution to wiring problems.

3. Cable management flooring activity characteristics reduce the impact of ground vibration on the floor below, and support height can be adjusted at any time, more flexibility.

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