Steel Production Restriction
  2018/08/13| View:838

Recently the Steel futures broke through the trend line and showed that accelerated upward trend.

The raw materials of steel generally rose, and the coke among material them was up to 4.4%. The finished products and raw materials which mutually affect and promote.

The rise in the price of steel is not a groundless rumour.Due to various environmental protection measures introduced by the government in 2018, the country began to limit production and began to expand from south to north. Some steel enterprises in Changzhou are limited to 50% or even 100%, such as Zenith steel group, Dongfang Special Steel, Shente Steel, etc. 

Many factories will stock up large number of steels during this period of production restriction, which will cause the market to be in short supply. The cold-rolled steel sheets in our factory are expected to keep rising in future.

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