How to Prevent Static Electricity
  2013/11/01| View:770

   First of all, from the term of basic principle of the occurrence of static electricity, we should reduce insulativity of the objects, making the two objects produce little or no static electricity. Here are some tips:
  1. Keep the environment enough moisture. Practice has proved that in Northen parts or dry winter,the incidents that caused by static electricity is much more than those in The southeast coastal area or other seasons. So in some important places such as computer rooms, labs and electronic assembly workshops should maintain humidity, especially for those closed air conditioning rooms, humidity control equipments should be considered.
  2. Lay antistatic floors or carpets. There have been plastic floors or carpets that have electric conductivity, which can restrain static electricity effectively.
  3. Use Static removal lonizing air gun, cationic head or ion-stick, which can avoid the appearence of static electricity.
  4. Semiconductor device should be put in the antistatic plastic holders or antistatic plastic bags. This kind of antistatic plastic holder have good electrical conductivity, which can avoid static electricity. Of courese, if it allows, metal holders or foil seal could be better choice.
  5. For operation staff, they should wear antistatic wrist strap. This kind of wrist strap is earth grounded and is the most effective measure for the staff.

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