The Notice about Purchasing Anti-static Floorings
  2013/11/08| View:758

  1. The antistatic raised access floors is made of high-tensile materials,fire resistive materials and water proofing materials, with antistatic finish tiles. It has excellent performance of water proofing and moistureproof. The strong bearing capacity allows that this kind of product is suit for the large-and medium-sized computer rooms.
  2. The all steel anti-static raised floor is made of steel plate, after pan formed and then infilled with light cement. It has excellent performance of high-tensiling,fire resistation,water proofing and moistureproof, which is applied to large-sized computer room.
  3. Aluminum raised access floor is die-casting with aluminum ingot which is light and anticorrosion. It has excellent performance of high-tensiling,fire resistation and water proofing. The base plate is recyclable. It is mainly applied to electric power industry.
  4. Composite raised access floor use chipboard as its base plate. It is light and cheap. But its ability of fire resistation and moistureproof is not good as others. It's only applied to medium and small-sized computer rooms.
  5. Woodcore raised floor is made acccording to foreign floors, it has nice appearance and good ability, and is suit for different kinds of computer rooms.
  6. PVC antistatic raised access floor is made of polyvinylchloride with special technology. PVC particle forms electrostatic conductive network, which has the abilitty of antistatic. It is the best choice for telecom, control room, computer room and clean room.
  7. Raised floor with ceramic tile is one kind of raised floor that finish tile is antistatic ceramic,covering on all steel base plate or composite base plate. It is widely used in high classic computer rooms which are in use frequently but rarely protected.

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