Artful Use of Anti-static Steel Raised Floor
  2013/12/13| View:701

    There are few features of anti-static steel raised floor:
1. All-steel structure, high strength, strong loading capacity, good impact resistance.
2. All the raw materials have good ability of antistatic performance, making the raised floor system stable and reliable.
3. The finish coverings are antistatic, hard wearing, waterproofing, fire prevention, dust proofing and anti-corrosion.
4. The raised floor system ensures dimension precision and interchangeability, it also has the ablilty of flexible assembly and convenience. Moreover, the lifespan is pretty long.
    Anti-static steel raised floor could be classfied into non-standard and standard type based on national standards.
   In order to have a rational use of anti-static steel raised floor, it mainly applied to large and medium sized computer rooms, communication center that is represented for switchboards, electrical control rooms and centers that are controlled by computers in martial, economic, national security, space flight and transporting fields.
   Anti-static steel raised floor can be installed with all steel ventilation floor and floor outlet. The frame of ventilation floor is similar with anti-static raised floor, but it has punched ventilation hole without stuff. Flow panel match with raised floor, for place that need ventilation and the ventilation rate of panel from 17%~36%. Floor outlet is classfied into electric outlet and network socket.

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