The latest product in the market: V type anti-static floors with no edge trim
  2013/12/06| View:1281

There are many kinds of anti-static floorings and anti-static floor with no edge trim is one of them. The most obvious feture of this kind of floor is that four sides are with no black PVC edge trim. Because of this, anti-static floors with no edge trim refresh people with its special feture. But there also occures disadvantages with the expanding use of it. It mainly reflects in two points:
  1. It is easy for the finish covering of this kind of floor to break.
  2. During the installation, a little unflat will make the whole ground inharmonious.
  In view of above situation, the solution is to import automatic edge sanding machine. Moreover, transparent mask coulde be added to the machine. And it can be abandoned after the equipment was tested, in order to avoid abnormal worn out and improve the level. Imported edge sanding machine chamfer angle is applied to the anti-static finish covering to make the  standard V type anti-static floors. The dimensional width is 1.0mm for each side, which can avoid the break of edge effectively and solve the problem of the unflat of installation.

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