Introduction and characteristics of access computer flooring
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The anti-static technology of access computer flooringbelongs to the category of access computer flooring security and protection. The static electricity produced by various reasons is one of the most frequent and most difficult hazards to eliminate. Static electricity will not only cause random failure, misoperation or calculation error to the operation of the computer, but also lead to the breakdown and destruction of some components, such as CMOS, MOS circuit and two-stage circuit. In addition, static electricity has a significant effect on the external equipment of the computer. The display equipment with cathode ray tube, when subjected to electrostatic interference, will cause the image disorder, fuzzy. Static electricity will also cause Modem, network card, Fax and other work disorders, printer wiring is not smooth and other faults.

access computer flooring

The problems caused by static electricity are not only difficult to find out by hardware personnel, but also sometimes by software personnel who mistakenly think it is a software fault, thus causing work confusion. In addition, when static electricity is discharged by the human body to a computer or other device (known as a fire), when the energy reaches a certain level, it can also give the feeling of electric shock.

The access computer flooring is generally divided according to the substrate and veneer materials. The substrate has steel base, aluminum base, composite base, particleboard base (wood base), calcium sulfate base and so on. The veneer materials are anti-static ceramic tile, melamine (HPL), PVC and so on. Still have anti-static plastic floor additionally, anti-static network floor to wait. The floor of the machine room is mainly composed of adjustable supports, beams and panels. The technical performance of support, beam and panel shall conform to the design requirements and the current national regulations.

Machine room floor is to use bracket, beam, panel assembly. There is a certain amount of overhead space between the horizontal floor and the panels. Can be used to go down the line and air supply in the access computer flooring, data room and other lines of the access computer flooring is quite practical. Because of its good comprehensive performance, it is more and more popular in the market.

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