Access computer flooring to lay the requirements of the site
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Access computer flooring, it is a kind of component that is used for laying the ground on the building, its panel is made of high polymer sub-conductor material, there is a layer of metal bottom plate below the panel, between the panel and the bottom plate, the two are connected to become double layer plate through adhesive and screw, the plate is installed on four separate brackets.

First, the requirements of access computer flooring to the laying site

Anti - static floor can be widely used in computer room, circuit components production workshop, as well as all places with anti - static requirements.

Access computer flooring

1. The laying of access computer flooring should be carried out after the completion of indoor civil construction and decoration construction.

2, Access computer flooring before laying should keep the ground level, dry, no debris, no dust.

3, before the laying of anti-static floor, should ensure that the cables, circuits, waterways, air and other pipelines laid under the floor and air conditioning system has been completed;

4. Before laying the access computer flooring, ensure that the base of large heavy equipment has been fixed, and the equipment is installed on the base. The height of the base should be consistent with the height of the surface of the access computer flooring.

5, Access computer flooring laying construction site should be equipped with 220V/50Hz power supply and water.

Two, access computer flooring laying tools

1, marble cutting saw;

2. Laser level tester, network laser scanner;

3. Bubble level, tape measure, ink line;

4, suction device, nut adjustment handle, cross screwdriver;

5, vacuum cleaner, broom, mop.

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