Why is cable management flooring so important?
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Why is cable management flooring so important for your workplace? Here are a few key reasons why cable management should not be seen as a good way to make your workplace cleaner:

Poor cable management is dangerous: loose hanging cables pose a risk of accidents. Each cable is fixed to its end in some way, whether in a socket, socket, or cable seal sleeve. If it loops loosely between these join points, there is a permanent trip risk. If it is on a common operating path, its cable jacket may be damaged. Shocks on power cables and short circuits in equipment in low-voltage or data cables are not uncommon. But there is also a danger of circulation in infrequent parts of the room. Having the window behind your desk open is enough to thread a loop with your feet, which requires a access floor to solve the cable clutter.

high-quality perforated panels

Cable management makes the work environment more efficient: Office technology is portable, so printers and routers, chargers and power adapters change location frequently. If the cable salad gets messy, it can be difficult to untangle. Some cables even need to be pulled out of sockets to disconnect from other cables. As the knot is removed, disillusionment ensues. Which cable is in which socket? Setbacks and mistakes are often inevitable. A good cable management system can upgrade your cable or replace equipment without any connection problems. Especially in the data center, computer room and other important equipment more area, good wiring management under the access computer flooring can effectively reduce the maintenance time, reduce the possibility of error.

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