Procedure For installing an ESD access floor
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Esd access floor is a type of floor that is raised with an internal support structure. The internal access floor structure is used to lay pipes such as electrical circuits and air conditioning devices. Anti-static floor is light in weight, strict in material, good in surface texture, with excellent decorative effect, and certain fire and insect resistance, corrosion resistance, is a better kind of floor.

The temperature of the esd access floor should be between 10 and 35 degrees Celsius, the ambient humidity should be below 80%, and good ventilation should be maintained. Before laying, inspect the site and make a construction plan, including anti-static ground system diagram, ground network system diagram and grounding end diagram. Then clean up the sand and dust on the site to ensure smooth construction ground. If there are cracks, repair them in advance and prepare equipment and tools.

esd access floor

The first step: set datum line, according to spatial pattern, determine the datum line position of access computer flooring and planned height control line.

The second step: install the bracket from the interaction of the base line, and then connect the bracket with a beam to make the bracket structure of the hollow part.

The third step: according to the actual situation, for the bracket installation diagonal support, to ensure the stability of the base.

The fourth step: Lay an esd access floor.

The fifth step: the floor checks, the aperture between the floor maintains consistent, had better be inside 2 millimeter.

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