Advantages of access floor in modern intelligent office building application
  2022/02/23| View:1064

Modern office buildings need to be competitive, providing a comfortable environment and a competitive cost at the same time. Flexibility to rearrange must be provided. Access floor is one way to meet these requirements. It has the following advantages:

1. Strong flexibility

Compared with the suspended ceiling system, the integrated floor air supply system eliminates most of the air ducts, reduces the installation process, and can be installed quickly and easily.

2. Convenience of integrated wiring

In the field of communication and network is constantly updated today, it is necessary to change the cable and wire wiring system from time to time to meet the staff station adjustment, reduce the integrated wiring of the building structure embedded pipelines, which is easy to achieve for the access floor.

access floor

3. Improved thermal comfort and indoor air quality

The working space of the general office staff is between 1m and 2.2m above the floor, and the floor air supply system directly sends the air conditioning air to the working area through the air supply terminal device, and the user can control both the air volume and the air outlet temperature of the FTU, which obviously improves the personal comfort.

4, energy saving

Using the overhead layer of access floor for air conditioning, its energy-saving effect can be reflected in the following aspects: 1) Because the air flow from the floor to the ceiling. 2) Due to the large cross section of underfloor air supply. So the head loss is small, reduce the fan power.

5, easy to clean

When it is necessary to clean the interior of the access floor or clean the air supply terminal device. Just move the device out, easy to operate. The scope of influence is small.

6, save building height

Because the floor plenum is usually thinner than the flat ceiling plenum. And some other service facilities can be laid in the static pressure box, so the use of access floor air supply system can reduce the height of indoor hanging items, reduce the height of the access floor.

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