Common problems with perforated panel
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Stainless steel perforated panel can be used to wear the highway, railway, subway and other transportation municipal facilities in the urban area of environmental noise control barrier, building wall, generator room, factory building, and other noise sources with sound insulation and noise reduction panels.

Below is the stainless steel perforated panel cutting may encounter problems

1, cutting difficulty.

Stainless steel is a hard material, good plasticity, toughness, but in the processing, cutting due to not easy to break, easy adhesion and lead to cutting extrusion stainless steel surface, resulting in excessive tool wear (this is because the tool wear, resulting in the tool surface potholes, the formation of small spalling and gap; In addition, the hardness of stainless steel is very high, when cutting directly with the tool contact, friction, abrasion tool, and work hardening phenomenon, will make the tool wear), thus the deterioration of stainless steel surface processing.

Stainless steel perforated panel

2, stainless steel cutting temperature is high.

The cutting process will produce a lot of heat, but the stainless steel material is poor thermal conductivity, so the heat is concentrated in the cutting area and the blade, not easy to heat.

3, stainless steel is easy to expand.

In the cutting process, a lot of heat will be generated, resulting in stainless steel expansion, increasing the difficulty of cutting.

4, stainless steel strength is easy to deformation.

Stainless steel of perforated panel in the process of cutting, because of its elongation, especially austenitic stainless steel, will produce large plastic deformation, which has difficulty in cutting. In addition, the strength of stainless steel itself is relatively large, increasing the double resistance in the cutting process, and enhancing the cutting strength.

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