Mistakes of access floor
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An access floor is a kind of floor specially designed for modern office and network wiring. Because of its own characteristics, the access floor overcomes the defects of existing floor cable solutions, well adapted to the rapid changes in the network, access ports, office floor height, anti-static, flame retardant requirements. When choosing an access floor, we tend to fall into the following pitfalls:

access floor

Mistake one: take the price as the first standard that chooses the floor

Because the floor market brand is numerous, the price is confusing, some consumers still take the price as the choice access floor's first standard, some consumers think the thing that shop on the floor should not spend too much money, the cheaper the better; Some are the pursuit of high-grade, that the more expensive the better the floor, in fact, both of these ideas are biased. Some people are most worried about formaldehyde when buying reinforced flooring, but it is difficult to detect whether formaldehyde is over standard without equipment. Consumers should buy brand-name products, brands can be seen as a guarantee, can guarantee the product conforms to the national standard, avoids "has picked the sesame seeds to lose the watermelon".

Mistake two: the excessive pursuit of large size, achromatic and flatness

Some consumers in the purchase of access floor, the blind pursuit of the large-scale, large-scale floor, think that the large-scale floor laid up joints less, more beautiful. But because the floor's size is bigger, it's inside and outside tension difference and the degree that wet bilges dry shrink also is bigger, in contrast, the floor of big specification produces deformation more easily. Therefore, for the general household, the best size is 0.6 meters long or less.

Still have a few consumers to pursue achromatic difference intentionally solid wood floor. In fact, chromatic aberration is natural, this is the natural property of wood, the best solid wood floor will also have a certain chromatic aberration. In order to meet the demand of the market, some floor manufacturers painted and powdered solid wood floors, not only covering up the color difference of the floors, but also covering up some flaws in the wood itself, but also covered up the real wood floor of elegant and noble natural color.

Mistake three: The Worker of the floor merchant asks Carpenter to install goods as oneself

There is such a saying in the flooring industry, "three parts of the floor divided into seven parts," in the final analysis, the floor is a semi-finished product, is only after the scientific installation can be used products. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the floor itself, consumers should see how its after-sales service.

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