What is the weight of the Cable management flooring
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Cable management flooring is a new product that has been applied with the development of network technology, the utility model has many advantages, such as simple and fast installation, no special worker network floor furniture, no special training for installation personnel, very low net height, etc., cable management flooring can provide all kinds of strong and weak power routing for the network, and can easily add or subtract, change the outlet. So, what is the weight of each Cable management flooring piece?

Cable management flooring

There is no stable standard for the weight of Cable management flooring because there are many kinds of Cable management flooring, either ordinary or national standards, and the different materials used by each manufacturer will affect the self-weight of each Cable management flooring. Our Cable management flooring is made of high-quality alloy cold-rolled steel sheet, all steel casing, which can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements. Cable management flooring prevents electronic component damage and provides fire or explosion protection when handling flammable gases and liquids. If the static electricity can not be controlled, it may cause a series of losses, especially in the semiconductor and electronic products industry, resulting in product damage, equipment failure, loss of man-hours, and product repair, therefore, it is urgent to solve the problem of static electricity.

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