Features and applications of aluminum perforated panel
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With the rapid development of modern society and Industry, noise pollution has gradually become a worldwide problem. Sound absorption and noise reduction have gradually evolved into an important subject related to science and technology, the environment, human sustainable development, and other aspects. Aluminum Perforated Panel has become a very important sound-absorbing material for decorative materials. It is mainly made of aluminum alloy, because of its clean surface, beautiful appearance, lightweight, high strength, easy to assemble, fire and moisture, etc...

perforated panel

Aluminum Perforated Panel is a kind of common resonant sound absorption structure. According to the sound absorption principle, an aluminum alloy perforated sound absorption board is a Helmholtz resonance resonating sound absorption structure, which is formed by the air layer behind the perforated sound absorption board. It is a closed cavity through an opening with the external space of the structure. When the frequency f of the incident wave is equal to the natural frequency of the system, the air column in the aperture will vibrate violently because of resonance. In the process of vibration, because of overcoming friction resistance, sound energy is consumed.

For the sound absorption structure of the Aluminum Perforated Panel, the air layer behind the Panel can be divided into many small cavities, each opening corresponds to a small cavity behind. Therefore, perforated aluminum sheet structure is a number of parallel Helmholtz resonance.

The sound absorption coefficient is near the resonance frequency, and the farther away from the resonance frequency, the smaller the sound absorption coefficient is. It was also found that the smaller the air resistance at the orifice, the narrower the absorption frequency range, and the larger the absorption coefficient at the resonant frequency.

In the high-frequency range, the sound absorption coefficient of the structure mainly depends on the perforation rate, the larger the perforation rate is, the larger the sound absorption coefficient is.

In addition to being used as a ceiling, the Aluminum Perforated Panel can also be used as a wall decoration material for better performance of its noise reduction function. Especially suitable for industrial plants, all kinds of rooms, hotels, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, terminal buildings, subway stations, dance halls, large opera houses, open indoor swimming pools, and other buildings.

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