What should I look for when selecting a perforated panel?
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Perforated panels are metal sheets with various shapes of holes on the surface and are generally used in industries such as craft making, paper making, hydraulic fittings, filtering equipment, etc. So what should you look for when selecting a perforated panel?


perforated panel

1. When choosing the panels of perforated panels it is important to consider both the application and the cost of the product, for example, if you want to reduce the thickness of the panel you can only do so by using a slightly more expensive alloy.

2. The hardness and strength of the panel also directly determine the size and arrangement of the holes.

3. It is easier to accept the use of commonly used plates than special requirements.

4. Thin plates are easier to use for punching and are also cheaper.

5. The right thickness of the sheet is more conducive to increasing the ability of the product to withstand compressive strength, provided that the minimum hole size principle is met.

6. The panels of perforated panels are generally available with certain tolerances.


The above is the matter that should be noted in the selection of the perforated panel, hope it can bring you help, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.

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