Ceramic Access Floor
Ceramic Access Floor,Ceramic Raised Floor

Ceramic Access Floor

HT Ceramic Raised Access Floor is made of good quality cold-rolled steel sheet with foaming cement fully filled. The surface is stuck with antistatic ceramic finish(Marble, Granite). The borders are trimmed with black PVC edge trim. The whole system is composed of floor, pedestal and stringer.
Product Detail


Clean room, electronic device factory, telecommunication room, places where require antistatic and dustproof environment


●Better resistance against abrasion, longer service life

●Excellent antistatic performance

●Higher fire-proof grade as much as 1000℃

●Flame retardant, dustproof, antiskid, antirust, antisoil, resistance to chemical attack

●Imported glue, strong wearability, non-bubble, non-degumming

●Class A flame spread and smoke development rating

●All-steel pedestals provide excellent impact load performance

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