Which Fields Are Antistatic Floor Applied to
  2013/11/15| View:773

  With the development of science technology, the environmental indicator of control room, data center,integrated circuit workshop are becoming more and more important for antistatic suppliers. On the one hand, a large amount of computers, communication, control stuff and electrical power equipment with the requirement of electrostatic prevention need to be set up and run; on the other hand, it is inevitable that application system needs to be updated. At the same time, the office layout often changes. All these require the manager need to find a scientific, reliable, flexible and convenient solutions to meet the demand of development with the development view. Antistatic flooring, antistatic flooring with ceremic tiles, antistatic flooring with PVC tile, PVC flooring and all steel raised access floor are widely used in computer room, communication center, data center, Radio & TV transmitting center, microwave station, electric power dispatching control center, satellite ground station, mobile communication, edit control room of radio or TV station, equipment production workshop of computer, communication, electron and optics, the hospital operation room, anesthesia room, electronic image examination room, inflammable and explosive locations such as war industry and petrification, culture and entertainment center, star hotel, intelligent office building and so on.

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