The Analysis of the Function of Anti-static Flooring
  2013/11/22| View:859

  Anti-static flooring is also called conductive floor. Friction between shoes and floors can  create static electricity which attracts dust in the air, then have an influence on the equipment in computer rooms or electronic workshops. Conductive flooring,just as the name implies,the floor is conductive. There is conductive fibre in the floor. Copper foils are laied under the floors during the operation and it also need to connect the conductor under the earth, making the static electricity go directly to the earth and eliminate static electricity. Conductive glue is needed during laying floors.
  There are two kinds of anti-static flooring, one is raised access floor and the other is PVC anti-static floors. Raised access floor is widely used in the rooms that need much wiring such as computer rooms, machine halls and monitoring rooms. While PVC anti-static floor is applied to rooms that need less wiring, like electronic workshops or manufacturing shops that has requirement for electrostatic prevention.
  Form many large, mediam or small sized computer rooms, anti-static flooring is needed to prevent the bad influence of static electricity. Here are some advantages of anti-static flooring:
1. It simplifies installation and provides convenience for the change of equipment later.
2. The equipments of computer rooms can connect to each other frreely under the floor, making the rooms clean and nice.
3. Anti-static floorings can protct the lines, data wire and jack out of damage.
4. The computer rooms can use the space under floors as the static pressure air base of air conditioning to achieve satisfying airflow. Wherever the equipment is, they can get the air sent by air outlets.
5. It is good for the protection of the bottom of the equipment.
6. It can eliminate the damage of the exposed wire for people.
7. The adjustability of the anti-static flooring can guarantee the levelness of the ground of the computer room.
8. It connect static charges to the earth and reflex electromagnetic radiation.

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