Related Details about Anti-static Flooring
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Anti-static floorings are divided into electrostatic conductive flooring and static dissipative flooring.
(1) There's only one kind of conductive flooring, that is permanent electrostatic conductive PVC floor, which is also called clenroomfloor. PVC resin is the main material of this product, which is made by special processing technology. Electrostatic conductive network is formed on PVC particles and has permanent antistatic function. The appearance is like marble, which has good decorative effect. It is allpied to electric communication, control room, computer room and clean room. etc.
(2) There are four different kinds of anti-static Flooring:
① All steel anti-static raised floor:It is made of steel plate, after pan formed and jioned together by resistance welding, the panel is coated with epoxy paint, then infilled with light cement. It has excellent performance of high strength, water proofing,fire prevention and dampproof and it is widely applied to the control rooms and computer rooms that have high requirements of concentrated loading.
②Laminate anti-static flooring: It uses chipboard or calcuim sulphate board as base materials. There are different levels of this kind of product in the market. Upper class laminate anti-static floors is first choice of top grade computer rooms at home and abroad.
③Aluminum anti-static flooring: This kind of floor is made of machined metal and has good performance of high strength, water proofing and fire prevention. The base material is recycle. it's widely used in the electric power industry.
④Anti-static flooring with ceramic tile is applied to places require wear resistance and raised floors.

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