What is a perforated plate?
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What we now call the perforated plate was originally called the punched plate, that is, in different materials on the plate to get the plate. Most are aluminum alloy and other metal plates, after stamping or milling machine processing, with long service life is not deformation and so on. And what is the workmanship of the perforated plate? The different metal plates are cut to the proper size and then punched on a CNC punch press. Then our general hole shape has a triangle hole, long circle hole, square hole, prismatic hole, round hole, pentagonal star hole, and so on. Perforation plate hole size and pattern can be based on customer needs for careful processing and design, different sizes, densities, and shapes of the hole can form the different semi-transparent line of sight effect.

perforated plate

In fact, our perforated plate in real life is a very wide application, the main role is to absorb noise, followed by can also be used as a decorative plate, reflecting the beautiful and generous characteristics. Some perforated plates can also be made into a variety of utensils because perforated plates have corrosion resistance and strong and durable characteristics. Similarly, perforated plates are often used as kitchen utensils due to their high-temperature resistance.

Listen to the small series of introductions is not a certain understanding of the perforation plate, I hope my introduction can give you some help.    

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