What are the characteristics of perforated panel
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Perforated panel is to do not listen to the material material of the plate to get the hole, the characteristics of perforating plate is usually decided by the material and pass. The pore types are square hole, round hole, triangular hole, pentagonal star hole, long round hole and prismatic hole. Next I will give you a detailed description of the characteristics of the next perforated plate.

Now most of the market for perforated aluminum plate, perforated aluminum plate material simple, chemical stability, good appearance, elegant color, three-dimensional sense, decoration, and easy to assemble, perforated plate strengths in the following areas. Porosity, the direct outward characteristic of a perforated metal plate is porosity, and porosity means.

Perforated panel

The two parts of the space separated by the skin are saturated with each other, breaking the inherent boundary between the surface and the interior, and creating a more open public space in form, which can provide the visual sense of the city and the users' needs, the interior and the exterior are really saturated with each other.

The porosity of the perforated panel makes the surface of the room saturated with each other, the mottled light and shadow effect, the perforated plate will have rich light and shadow changes when it is illuminated by sunlight or light, this effect will give the building a unique and vivid visual effect, this kind of light and shadow effect, so that the relationship between the main body of the building and the outer skin is even more blurred.

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