Aluminum Blind Panel
Aluminum Blind Panel

Aluminum Blind Panel

HT Aluminum Blind Panel is for areas where extremely heavy loads are to be placed. The unique lattice structure of these solid panels enables weight to be distributed in an optimum way so as to support heavy equipments. The precision afforded by each panel allows for excellent accessibility and inter-changeability when needed-yet they are durable and strong enough to withstand then concentrated loads found in semiconductor cleanrooms and other manufacturing environments.
Product Detail


●Precise manufacturing allows for excellent mobility and interchanging of panels

●Class A1 building material (Non-combustible)

●Wide variety of finishing materials

●Unique manufacturing process provides high-quality yet low-cost components

●High load-bearing capacity with low deflection

●Easy-to-use material for subsequent cut-outs

●Long life cycle for economical usage

●Excellent electrical conductivity

Covering Finishes



●Epoxy coating

●Ni-Cr plating

Technical paramter

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